Loft Boarding and Storage Solutions

A full loft conversion may not always be possible due to restricted head height, space or depending on your personal preferences or financial plan. At Manor Carpentry and Joinery, we can still make a change and improve the available space.

Loft boarding is a cost effective method of creating a safe walkway and extra storage. Listed below are the different services we provide when boarding a loft area. This service is also available in a garage or outbuilding.

Available options:

  • We can build a new larger wooden hatch, which can be in the existing place or in a new location. Alternatively, we can fit a PVC hatch, depending on which one you would prefer.
  • We can fit a 2 or 3 section ladder to help gain easier, quicker access to your loft. The size of the ladder will depend on the height of your ceilings. A wooden ladder unit will include the hatch, a door and a architrave. Alternatively, you can have a telescopic ladder, which requires minimal space to pull down and push away.
  • We can supply and fit lighting and a switch in your loft. In a standard process of boarding up a loft, we would fit a 4ft fluorescent tube light but if you would like an alternate light fitting just let us know.
  • We can also add Velux windows if you prefer natural lighting or additional natural lightening alongside a fitted light. The size of the window will depend on the size of your loft hatch and the space available.
  • Supply and fit extra fibreglass insulation as required
  • Remove fibreglass insulation as required.
  • We can also line the roof with breathable roofing felt to stop debris falling on your stored items, from your old laths felt and tiles.